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Non-profit clubhouse and offices

​​Scope of Work

New 7,000 square foot clubhouse and offices for a nonprofit dedicated to supporting children and teens who have lost a loved one.


​Design Approach

The former home of Kate’s Club had grown organically and therefore lacked some organization to the space. One of the goals of the design was to create a system to keep the myriad of display and functional needs organized and ordered. The primary strategy was to highlight the items so they became decorative rather than try to hide them. Hooks for coats are prominently displayed and fold up flat when not in use to become decorative items on the wall. Memory tiles created by the kids are displayed in a graphic display in a gallery and functional lanyard nametags are spread out at each door and designed in with other graphics. The interior feel of the space is meant to be cool yet calm. Furniture is used to provide punches of color in contrast with a more neutral background. The Kate’s Club blue is used as an accent throughout. Kate’s club was also given use of a long thin covered strip of exterior space to create outdoor classrooms along a path leading to a memory garden for reflection. The memory garden is strategically placed outside the window of the conference room for all to see.



Atlanta, Georgia




Kieran Reynolds

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